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Divorce: Numerous issues can spark high levels of stress

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Whether you’ve known for some time that your marriage was headed downhill or were caught off-guard by a specific event that became a determining factor in your decision to end your relationship, the weeks and months ahead will undoubtedly be stressful. Even if you and your spouse are on peaceful terms with each other, issues such as child custody, property division and child support can be challenging to resolve in a Kentucky divorce.

Not knowing what to expect can make divorce stressful. Even if this is not the first time you’ve navigated the process, no two cases are exactly the same. It’s helpful to think ahead to numerous issues you might encounter. Doing so helps you plan solutions and pave the way to a new lifestyle in as low-stress a manner as possible.

Your children’s well-being is a top priority in divorce

Like all good parents in Kentucky and beyond, you always want what is best for your kids. Divorce, in particular, causes disruption and many changes in children’s lives. It can be stressful. Letting your children know ahead of time that you will be there to listen if they want to share their feelings and to support them as best you can as you lay the groundwork for a new lifestyle is a definite stress-reducer.

Divorce often exacerbates financial issues

Do you know anyone who has gone through life without ever facing financial challenges? It isn’t likely. You may have a more-than-usual amount of financial issues to resolve in divorce, however. If your spouse is trying to hide assets or is not adhering to the terms of a child support order, such issues can spark high levels of stress.

The more informed you are about your financial situation before proceedings begin, the better. If you walk into court knowing exactly what you need to make ends meet and provide for your children, you have a greater chance of obtaining a fair and agreeable settlement.

Life goes on, and you should go on with it

Divorce can evoke sadness, loneliness, anger and frustration as well as many other emotions. To minimize stress, it’s always best to allow yourself to process emotions as they arise. There is no right or wrong way to feel. You might feel better on some days than you do on others.

Divorce may be part of your life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to ruin it. If you build a strong support network for yourself and your children from the start, you will most likely be able to move on in life in a healthy, productive manner, especially if you reach out for additional support to help overcome any legal obstacles that arise before or after settlement.