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International Divorce & Visitation

In today’s global society, divorce and custody issues frequently involve international issues. One or both spouses may live abroad or own assets – such as investment accounts or real estate – in another country. During divorce or separation, these issues can become extremely complicated. Hiring the right attorney is a critical step toward protecting your rights and interests.

At Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., we understand how to address international divorce and child custody matters. Lawyer Reneaux Collins focuses solely on complex, high-asset cases, many of which involve global dimensions. Her decades of experience in this niche area translate to effective, intelligent legal guidance.

As an officer and active participant in the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers — a global network of family law attorneys — Reneaux Collins has extensive connections with local counsel around the world. She also has access to the latest research and best practices concerning international divorce and visitation.

International Assets

We understand the nuances involved in international property division. Our lawyer provides knowledgeable guidance on:

  • Identifying and valuing foreign assets, and locating the right professionals to do so
  • Locating concealed assets abroad
  • Enforcing U.S. court orders in other countries
  • Enforcing foreign court orders in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
  • Effectuating property transfers in accordance with a settlement agreement or court order

International Child Custody And Visitation

Our firm also handles international custody issues, both for parents in the U.S. and those abroad. Jurisdiction — that is, which court has the authority to decide your case and which country’s laws apply — plays a key role in these cases. We help parents navigate jurisdictional issues and other important issues such as:

  • Developing international visitation agreements and long-distance visitation schedules
  • Enforcing international visitation rights
  • Modifying a visitation arrangement or relocating
  • Enlisting expert testimony and other compelling evidence regarding a proposed visitation arrangement

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