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What to avoid in a child custody battle

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Child Custody |

In an ideal world, separating parents would both put their children first and look for a way to share time with their kids. Countless studies have shown that children do better in life when they still see each parent regularly.

However, the world is not ideal. If your spouse intends to shut you out of your child’s life, they may go to extremes to get their way.

Proceed with caution in child custody disputes

If you have to battle your spouse to get a fair share of time with your child, it is essential to avoid shooting yourself in the foot:

  • Stay calm: It is easy to panic when faced with the threat of losing your children. Yet doing so could cause you to do things you regret that harm your chance of getting the custody arrangement you want.


  • Consider why your spouse acts the way they are: If your spouse has suddenly become aggressive and unreasonable, think about why. Are they scared they might lose the kids and using attack as a form of defense? Are they trying to provoke you into doing something which they can then use against you? Or are they struggling to cope with the reality that your marriage is over?


  • Gather evidence: While a judge will listen to what you and your spouse say, if you want to make claims about each other, you need to back them up with evidence. So if your spouse is accusing you of being a lousy parent, find the proof that you are a great one. Take care with trying to show that your spouse is a terrible parent or person — a judge might think badly of you for it.


Child custody disputes can be draining. Yet your children need you to fight for them. Understand custody laws can help you proceed in a way that will not leave you and your children traumatized.