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Are divorce rates about to go up?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | High Asset Divorce |

Every year, there are certain times when divorce rates tend to fall and other times when they spike. When you look at the statistics, for instance, you will find that divorce rates go up in January. This is because many couples don’t want to get divorced over the holidays and so they wait until the new year begins.

But you’ll also find that there is a similar spike in the fall. It may not be as dramatic, but August and September also see an increase in divorce rates, at least when compared to later months in the fall or the summer months. Why is this?

The kids have gone back to school

The generally accepted reason for the spike is just that kids return to school in late August or early September. Young children have been home for the summer, perhaps being watched by one of their parents, and families have often spent time traveling and doing other activities. In short, they’ve been very busy.

But as the children go back to school, life gets a bit simpler for the parents. They also have more time to themselves so that they can talk about the potential divorce. Many parents do not want to do this with their children around. This makes the new school year the perfect time to discuss how you want your marriage to go or if it’s time for that marriage to end.

Getting a divorce

If you do make the decision to end your marriage, then you need to begin looking into all of the necessary legal steps. It’s important to know how to secure time with your children after the split and to be sure that you get what you deserve during property division.