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How can you fight back when your ex cancels your parenting time?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Child Custody |

For most divorce couples in Kentucky, sharing custody will be the natural consequence of the end of their marriage. A judge will order both parents to cooperate with one another regarding the needs of the children. The courts will create or at least approve the parenting plan that discusses the way the two of you will share your parental rights and responsibilities.

A parenting plan or custody order from your initial divorce determines your schedule and your share of decision-making rights for your children. The two of you can sometimes make minor adjustments when necessary, but you should try to adhere to the established custody order as closely as possible. You should be able to count on spending a certain amount of time with your children.

What happens if your ex starts violating your arrangements by refusing to give you time with your children or shortening the time you have?

You can ask for makeup parenting time

Typically, if the other parent is the one canceling your time with the children, you should have an opportunity to schedule an equivalent amount of time with them to make up for that lost opportunity. If your ex refuses to cooperate with you in that regard, you may need to go to the Kentucky family courts for a child custody enforcement action. A judge could effectively order makeup parenting time so that you can maintain your relationship with the children.

You can modify the custody order

In a scenario where one parent has shown an absolute refusal to cooperate with the other and has intentionally interfered in the other parent’s relationship with the children, it may be possible for the parent denied access to secure a custody modification.

A judge may give you more time with the children or may even reduce your ex’s legal decision-making authority because of their inappropriate and harmful interference in your relationship with the children. Careful documentation and proper presentation of the facts will go a long way towards helping a parent who wants makeup parenting time after their ex denies them access in a shared custody scenario.

Asking the courts for help can assist those struggling with a difficult ex who doesn’t want to comply with a shared custody order.