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Is your ex turning your child against you? 

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Child Custody |

The end of your relationship took a sour turn and unfortunately it looks like the divorce isn’t going to be any easier. Your spouse is entering the process with the mindsight of hurting you rather than finding solutions. 

This is especially problematic because you have children together. While the divorce is ongoing, you still have the right to see your children and be involved in their lives. Sadly, you’ve noticed some unusual behaviors from them that suggest your spouse is trying to turn them against you. 

If the following scenarios sound familiar, then your suspicions could be correct. 

Your children are reluctant to visit 

The court has put in place a custody arrangement until the divorce is finalized. You have visitation days with your kids twice a week. There’s nothing you look forward to more than these days, but your children don’t seem to share that enthusiasm.

This is unusual because you’ve always had a strong bond and a lot of fun with your kids. At first, you suspect that it’s just the stress from the divorce. However, you notice that they are saying things to you that sound very much like things your spouse would say. For the sake of your children and your relationship with them, they should be left out of disputes between you and your spouse where possible. 

You’re being blamed for everything 

Neither your nor your spouse were perfect and there was fault on both sides that led to the separation. Your spouse doesn’t see it this way, and apparently, neither do your children. They are constantly asking you why you caused the divorce and broke the family up. It looks like your ex has gotten into their heads. 

All of the above are signs of parental alienation, which is potentially very harmful to your children. Fortunately, there are ways that you can address this. One of the first steps is to seek some legal guidance