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How could social media harm your divorce prospects?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | High Asset Divorce |

Many modern divorces happen because of social media. People discover their spouse has been misbehaving via a social media post.

Yet, people’s use of social media for sleuthing does not stop at filing for divorce. They can use it to find evidence when preparing to fight over assets, divorce settlements and child custody.

It might be best to stay off social media in divorce

Divorce can get heated, and it can be easy to forget to take care when using social media. Here are a few critical mistakes you might make:

  • Things people could interpret as irresponsible: That funny video of you sat at the wheel of your car with your 2-year-old sat on your lap driving could harm your chances of a fair custody deal. Your spouse may claim that responsible parents do not let kids drive cars; they strap them into a child seat.
  • Things that show you have money to burn: It will be tougher to claim you cannot afford to pay the child support your spouse requests if you fill your feed with photos of you in a tuxedo, cigar in mouth, at a Las Vegas poker table.
  • Things the judge could interpret as malicious: You discover your spouse slept with your best friend and in a state of anger, share your thoughts on social media about what you would like to do to both of them. It is pure fantasy, but your spouse may use it to tell a judge that you are a violent person.

It can be challenging to get the results you need in a divorce. While social media may have alerted you to the need to divorce, you must not let it harm your prospects.