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How lifestyle can affect child support in high-income cases

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | High Asset Divorce |

When a child support case involves high-earning parents, the court’s determination may not be as straightforward as in regular cases. The court usually face a unique set of considerations compared to more typical scenarios. While judges may consider the same factors in both regular and high-income cases, the outcome will likely differ significantly.

One consideration that may bring about a disparate result is lifestyle. How so?

It may mean higher support payments.

In high-income child support cases, lifestyle can be a significant factor when determining the payment amount, as the courts aim to support a standard of living for the children that is consistent with the family’s lifestyle before the divorce.

This means that if the noncustodial parent is a high-income earner, the court may order higher child support payments to ensure that the children can maintain a similar quality of life to what they would have experienced if the family had remained intact.

It is not always the case.

While lifestyle can be material to the court’s child support determination, it is not necessarily the primary factor. The court will still consider other circumstances, such as the child’s needs, each parent’s income and available sources of finances and the number of children requiring support. Hence, high-income cases do not necessarily result in higher support payments.

Applying proactive measures

More complex issues can arise in child support cases involving high-income parents. Hence, it is crucial to know the possible roadblocks that could arise and develop strategies to protect each parent’s financial interests while keeping the child’s best interests as a top priority. In these cases, the guidance of a knowledgeable child support attorney can be invaluable.