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On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Child Custody |

Divorce can soon turn nasty if your spouse wants to make it that way. They could make all sorts of threats and demands to force you to give them what they want. If you have children, that may be their go-to bargaining tool.

Your spouse might try to convince you they can somehow persuade a judge to deprive you of custody. Or at least severely restrict how much parenting time you get. While they might be able to convince a judge to rule against you, they have no more power to do so than you.

When you go to court to settle custody, the judge will listen to both sides and give you equal attention. Remember, judges have seen and heard many bitter divorces, so they will be less swayed by emotion or stories than your spouse might hope.

The state sets the rules, not your spouse

A judge is incredibly unlikely to stop you from seeing your child or take away your parental rights, as your spouse might suggest. They would need to consider you a threat to your child.

The court’s primary consideration will always be doing what is in the child’s best interests, not you or your spouses. That generally means the child should continue spending time with both parents after a divorce where possible.

So, if your spouse is making threats over custody or divorce, the first step is to get legal help to understand your rights and put aside unnecessary fears. Then you can consider using any evidence you have of those threats to show a judge your spouse’s true character.