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It’s not too early to start working out your summer custody issues

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2022 | Child Custody |

As we head into May, summer is on the horizon. And for many divorced families, summer brings chaos to their custody arrangements.

For families of school-age children, those carefully crafted custody agreements can fail to adequately meet the needs of the kids and parents during the roughly three months of summer vacation. What can divorced parents do?

Communicate openly

If the wounds from the divorce are still fresh, this one can be quite challenging. However, communicating with one another about summer plans and the kids is the only way you can hope to reach an accord.

For instance, you might be planning a Florida getaway with the kids. All that could be stymied if there is an order in place by the Kentucky family law courts that says neither parent can remove the kids from the state without the other parent’s permission. Alternatively, your ex might be having a big family reunion that falls on a date when you have the kids. They want to swap days. What can you do?

Work your differences out together

The easiest way is to simply agree to compromise and work out your differences. Your ex can sign a declaration that they agree that you can take the children to Florida, and you can agree to swap weekends so your kids get to attend the reunion.

When being rational doesn’t work

If your ex remains uncooperative, despite your willingness to compromise, you may need to revisit the custody matter in the Louisville family law courts. You can modify your agreement to better meet the changing needs of your children.