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Divorce rates will increase next month

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2022 | High Asset Divorce |

Next month is January, which means the start of a brand new year. For many couples, this also means the start of the divorce process. January, commonly known as divorce month, sees an annual spike in divorce cases.

But it’s one thing to look at the statistics and see that the spike happens repeatedly every year. It’s another thing to consider why it happens and what it could mean for you.

Holiday concerns

Some parents want to get divorced but they’re concerned about bringing it up to their children or extended family members over the holidays. This is why you will usually see a gradual reduction in divorce cases in the fall, but they will jump back up after New Year’s Day.

School schedules

In other cases, parents are addressing the divorce in line with the school schedule. It doesn’t seem like an optimal time when the children are out for holiday breaks. But they go back in January and the parents will have a few months to begin the divorce process before the summer break.

The new year itself

In some cases, it’s just the new year that pushes someone to file for divorce when they’ve been considering it previously. If you see divorce as a fresh start and a beneficial change, you could decide to take this action along with the other resolutions that you make. It could be that you just needed that catalyst to take the next step.

No matter when you decide to get divorced or if your partner files for divorce, you absolutely need to know about all of the legal options you have. These can help as you divide assets, split up time with the kids and much more.