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Divorce odds are higher for couples who get married young

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | High Asset Divorce |

There are many different things that can impact your odds of divorce. Every relationship is unique, and couples are going to have individual experiences and factors that will determine if they want to keep their marriage together or not. 

However, you can also look at the statistics to determine if there are any overall patterns that can be identified. When you do this, you will find that divorce is more common when couples get married at a relatively young age. These relationships are statistically less stable and more likely to end in divorce. 

The cutoff at age 32

In one study, researchers determined that 32 was the age at which couples have the lowest odds of getting divorced. That doesn’t mean it is impossible, of course, but just that it happens the least often at this age.

For every year before that, the odds of divorce went up dramatically, by about 11%. So you can imagine that someone who ties the knot at 22 years old, rather than 32, would be much more likely to eventually end up getting divorced. This is even more pronounced for those who get married in their teens.

However, the statistics also indicated that the odds of divorce started going back up by 5% each year after age 32. So a couple should not simply put off marriage indefinitely. Once they have hit that cutoff at 32, their odds of divorce are going back up again.

Statistics aren’t everything, of course, but they do help to paint a picture of divorce in the United States. Those who are splitting up need to be sure that they understand all of their legal rights.