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When is it necessary to alter a child custody schedule?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Child Custody |

In many divorces, parents often want to share custody of their children. Child custody specifies each parent’s right to make decisions for their children and how much parenting time each parent has with their children.

Child custody schedules divide what days and weeks children are cared for by their parents. However, there are times when parents need to negotiate changes to their custody schedules. Here’s what you should know:

1. A parent is planning to move

It’s not uncommon for one parent to move after a divorce. The move may, however, make it harder for a parent to see their children according to the parenting schedule. If a child’s well-being is affected by a move, then it may be necessary to alter the agreement.

2. A child’s needs have changed

Many children develop medical conditions as they get older or require more attention from their parents. A custody schedule may not immediately accommodate those needs. For example, if a child requires a parent to stay home and care for them, then parents may need to alter their parenting agreement.

3. A job or school schedule has changed

Many parents work and go to school as they care for their children. Typically, custody schedules are made to work around these things. However, work and school schedules may not always stay the same, and any permanent changes may require a new agreement.

4. A parent can’t follow an agreed schedule

Adjusting to a child custody schedule is not always the easiest for parents. A parent may struggle to follow the plan on occasion. However, if this continues for too long, then the custody schedule may need to be revised.

5. Both parents agree to the change

A child custody schedule can usually be changed if both parents agree to the new terms. For example, it isn’t unusual for parents to negotiate a few “trades” in parenting time during the holiday season.

Altering a custody schedule is not always easy. Parents may need to learn about their legal options when discussing necessary changes in their child custody schedules.