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4 co-parenting tips to address child custody issues

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Child Custody |

Maintaining a custody arrangement is usually easier said than done. Co-parents may disagree and argue on various matters, and this could affect their co-parenting setup as well as their relationships with their kids.

In Kentucky, the courts decide on custody in accordance with the best interests of the minor children. Therefore, co-parents must also go about their custody arrangement by making their kids the top priority. If you are a co-parent, how can you help address and avoid custody issues?

Follow the court orders on custody matters

A common source of arguments is when co-parents don’t follow the parenting plan or child support order. It is crucial to abide by the parenting time so that your kids can spend ample time with each parent.

Moreover, providing child support will ensure their continued growth and development. In case a co-parent cannot obey the orders, they may request to modify the parenting plan or child support order.

Learn to manage disagreements

Parenting preferences may differ, and this could lead to disagreements about instilling discipline. Whether it is about how they manage homework time or why they spoil your kids, it is vital to communicate your concerns with your co-parent. Sharing opinions and strategies may foster cooperation and improve your co-parenting setup.

Practice professionalism and respect

Aside from following court orders, co-parents can practice professionalism by not committing custodial interference. An example is limiting a child’s contact with their parent via phone or online means. Additionally, they must communicate with each other and not involve their children as middlemen.

As for respect, co-parents must not engage in bullying or micromanaging each other. They should also nurture their relationships with their children. In addition, they must try to have civil relationships with the extended family members of their co-parent.

Create a healthy environment for your kids

Going through custody can greatly affect your children because they need to accept and adjust to your parenting changes. With an enhanced co-parenting setup, you can create a healthy environment for your kids so that they can develop and mature with greater ease.