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Protecting Your Access To Your Child

When one parent wishes to move their child out of state or even internationally, the process that follows can be complicated and emotional. Both parents want to be able to watch their child grow up. Because of this, child relocation requests can quickly become contentious.

At Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., we are experienced in fighting for parents’ rights within a wide array of child custody cases. We understand how important retaining access to your child is. Whether you are requesting the order or are on the receiving end, we will work to protect this access.

The Process To Request A Relocation

If you have a job opportunity that could take you out of the area or wish to relocate closer to family, moving without your child may seem unbearable. Likewise, you may strongly oppose your child moving away from you and your community to accompany their other parent.

In Kentucky, when a parent wants to move out of state or more than 100 miles away, they will need to inform the other parent and give at least 60 days’ notice. The other parent has the right to object. If the parties cannot agree out of court, the dispute will go to trial. The court will rule in the best interests of the children, considering factors such as:

  • For children old enough, their preference
  • The relationship the children have with their parents and other family members in the area
  • The ties the children have to the community
  • Whether potential benefits of the move outweigh the negative effects

Relocation disputes can require litigation. In such an emotionally charged setting, having a knowledgeable attorney on your side is crucial.

The Need For Sophisticated Family Law Support

Relocation cases can cause significant changes for both the parents and the child. Courts can be reluctant to make such significant changes to the lives of children, particularly any changes that could potentially sever or negatively affect their relationship with one parent.

With over three decades of experience, lawyer Reneaux Collins has worked on many complex custody cases. Ms. Collins will provide informed, dedicated and knowledgeable representation while working on achieving an optimal outcome for you and your family.

Consult With An Experienced Child Custody Attorney

If you are facing a child relocation request, contact our Louisville office to learn more about how Ms. Collins can assist with your case. Schedule a confidential consultation with us by calling 502-585-5100 or by sending us an email.