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Changing A Court Order Can Be A Complicated Process

Family law issues do not always end with the conclusion of a divorce proceeding or child custody dispute. As circumstances change, court orders may also require changes.

Whether you need to modify or enforce an existing agreement or are on the receiving end of such a request, Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., can protect your interests throughout the legal process that follows. With nearly three decades of experience, lawyer Reneaux Collins assists high-asset individuals and families across Louisville and central Kentucky with a wide array of complex post-decree litigation issues.

When Is A Modification Appropriate?

Alimony, child support or child custody orders may be appropriate at the time. However, both people and circumstances change. When such changes occur, an adjustment may be sought to bring the original plan up to date.

A modification could be warranted when:

  • An alimony recipient begins to earn their own income
  • A child enters an expensive private school
  • One parent has a substantial change in income
  • One parent wishes to relocate out of the area with the child
  • The child is older, and their needs have changed

Whatever the reason for your modification request, Ms. Collins can assist in providing dedicated representation for your case. While many modification requests do not require litigation, we can provide assertive representation in the courtroom if necessary.

Enforcing Orders When An Individual Fails To Comply

We can also guide you throughout an enforcement issue. Spousal maintenance, child support and child custody orders are all put into place to ensure fairness for all involved. When an individual fails to comply with the order, you may have a case to request the court to enforce the offender to do so. Whether you are alleging the noncompliance or are on the receiving end of an accusation, we will leverage our decades of experience to represent your interests in seeking an optimal outcome.

Discuss Your Case With A Family Law Attorney

Modifications and enforcements can be delicate issues with potential outcomes that can significantly affect your life. Seek the assistance of Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., to ensure your case has the dedicated advocacy it needs. Contact our Louisville office to learn more by calling us at 502-585-5100 or by sending us an email.