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The Advantages Of Mediating A Divorce Proceeding

Going through a divorce is undeniably a stressful and overwhelming period. Much is at stake, tensions are high and each spouse wants to move forward.

Litigation is the traditional approach to resolve a divorce. Alternatively, mediation allows for a more informal, cooperative process. At Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., we recognize the value in coming to a resolution in a divorce in a collaborative setting. We can provide you with the information, resources and advocacy you need to resolve a divorce through mediation.

Efficiently Resolving Complex Issues

Divorce does not have to be combative and argumentative. Rather, mediation allows divorcing couples to resolve differences and make key decisions. As an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method, mediation enables both sides to come to a mutually agreed-upon solution through the involvement of a neutral third-party mediator. For spouses who are also parents, coming to an agreement in a more amicable fashion is almost always preferable.

The benefits of mediation include:

  • More personal involvement in the settlement
  • Less confrontational atmosphere
  • Keeps the divorce proceeding private
  • Minimizes opportunities for volatile and tense feelings
  • Allows for a healthier co-parenting relationship moving forward

Ex-spouses may have to learn to foster or continue a working, collaborative co-parenting relationship. A contentious divorce process, followed by a contentious child custody dispute, can only worsen the situation for both your children and your future co-parenting relationship.

Sophisticated Solutions For Complex Divorce Matters

With nearly three decades in family law, lawyer Reneaux Collins understands how unique each divorce case truly is. In working with you, we will recommend alternative methods to resolve your divorce, including mediation or collaborative divorce, if applicable for your situation.

You need experienced representation both prior to and during divorce mediation to advise you and help you reach a fair settlement. Ms. Collins can provide your case with intelligent and thoughtful solutions, derived from decades of knowledge on advancements in marital law and divorce procedures in Kentucky.

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With the capacity to greatly affect you and your family, it is important to work with an experienced attorney throughout a divorce to ensure your interests are protected. Contact our office in Louisville to learn more on how we can assist. Call us at 502-585-5100 or email us through our online form.