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Protecting What You Have Worked Hard To Create

Marriage is both a dedicated relationship and a legal partnership. While no one wants to consider the possibility of divorce, it is an unfortunate reality. Because of this, it is essential to take measures to protect your wealth prior to marriage.

At Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., we have nearly three decades of experience in assisting high-asset individuals across central Kentucky. A prenuptial agreement can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that your hard-earned property and assets will be protected should anything happen. We can assist in drafting and reviewing a prenup appropriate for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Preparing For The Uncertainty Of The Future

While the risk of divorce is significant, no one wishes to confront this reality. A prenuptial agreement can protect you from exposure to future financial loss. For high-income individuals or those with significant assets, including a business or real estate, a prenuptial agreement is worth exploring.

What Do Prenups Do?

Signed into action before the start of the marriage, a prenuptial agreement can set out the terms of property division in the event of divorce or death. The process includes:

  • Identifying separate and marital property
  • Determining family property
  • Considering who will be responsible for debts
  • Accounting for all property

Prenups make it possible to plan rationally and ensure you will be financially stable. While it cannot guarantee an amicable future divorce, it can make property and asset division significantly less complicated.

The Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., Advantage

Lawyer Reneaux Collins assists in drafting and reviewing sound prenuptial agreements. With a unique focus on complex family law matters for high-income individuals, Ms. Collins will account for all property and protect your interests. As each of you will require individual representation, we will protect your interests throughout the process of creating and signing a prenup.

We also assist in drafting postnuptial agreements. These are nearly identical to prenups, except that they are drawn up after the marriage has begun.

Work With An Experienced Attorney

We can provide you with dedicated assistance and knowledge throughout the process of drawing up a pre- or postnuptial agreement. Contact our office in Louisville to learn more. Call us at 502-585-5100 or send us an email.