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Equine Interests

Kentucky is a haven for horse owners. Our state has a long and proud history of equestrian culture, encompassing everything from polo to racing, competitive showing, breeding, public equine auctions, training and recreational riding.

When horse owners face divorce, however, addressing equine interests can raise a host of challenges. Few judges or attorneys are familiar with this highly nuanced area of marital law. Complexities arise not only with regard to valuation and ownership, but also taxation and immigration.

At Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., we are highly passionate about this niche topic. The firm’s attorney, Reneaux Collins, has examined the issues in-depth and even authored an article on equestrian holdings, published in the American Bar Association’s Family Advocate. A member of multiple equestrian organizations, Ms. Collins is an accomplished equestrian, horse owner and enthusiast. She combines a thorough understanding of equestrian culture with decades of experience handling high-asset divorce cases.

Attorney Reneaux Collins is well-versed on the intersection between equine law and family law.

Based in Louisville, our firm provides intelligent guidance for clients statewide. We handle issues ranging from ownership of a single horse to large-scale business operations and everything in between, including:

  • Hobby farms
  • Family-owned stables
  • Polo ponies
  • Breeding operations
  • Thoroughbred syndications

The Importance Of An Accurate Valuation

Valuation is one of the most critical issues in addressing equine holdings. Inaccurate valuations can vary widely, potentially derailing the overall property distribution. For this reason, it is essential to involve an equine appraiser with breed-specific expertise. Equine business ventures also require the analysis of an accountant to determine an accurate business valuation. Our lawyer leverages connections with acclaimed financial experts and local or regional equine experts to address this critical facet of property division.

Protect Your Interests

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