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Protecting The Interests Of Your Children

Parents are prepared to do almost anything to protect the best interests of their children. However, when child custody disputes reach the courtroom, the combative atmosphere that follows can negatively affect all involved.

Mediation is an alternative to litigation. Commonly used in divorce proceedings, it can also benefit those facing a child custody dispute by offering a calmer alternative with more opportunities for cooperative decision-making. With nearly three decades of experience in Kentucky, attorney Reneaux Collins of Burbank & Collins, P.S.C., can guide you toward an optimal dispute resolution.

The Importance Of Retaining A Working Co-Parenting Relationship

Child custody disputes often occur in conjunction with a divorce or separation. In such cases where parents are simultaneously coordinating post-divorce or separation issues, a confrontational custody dispute can further strain the co-parenting relationship.

Contentious disputes can cause further resentment and a greater risk of noncompliance. Dedicated to achieving an efficient resolution, Ms. Collins strives to prevent disputes from reaching a boiling point by pursuing custody mediation.

How Mediation In Child Custody Cases Works

A mediated child custody agreement involves a neutral, independent mediator to facilitate an agreement between both parents. When such high stakes are involved, it can seem challenging to attempt to collaboratively work things out. However, the benefits of resolving a dispute through mediation include:

  • Problem-solving in a less confrontational environment
  • Working with a third-party professional to facilitate a fair agreement
  • Coming to a solution typically more quickly than in litigation
  • Preserving a working, healthy co-parenting relationship
  • Having more input in the outcome of the dispute compared to in court

Issues critical to the well-being of your child will be discussed, including physical and legal custody, visitation schedules, holidays, how and when transfers will occur and more. While you may both choose to work with a lawyer throughout the course of mediation, it is also ideal to work with an experienced family law attorney prior to mediation to advise you on reaching fair agreements.

Mediation may not yield results for everyone. If litigation is necessary for your case, Ms. Collins can represent you in court as an experienced, assertive litigator.

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